Residence Permit in Turkey in 13 Questions

1) Foreigners Who Are Required to Take Residence Permit

Yukk. Pursuant to provision m.19, foreigners staying in Turkey for more than 90 days or for the period of visa or visa waiver must obtain a residence permit. In addition, residence permits will be valid when they are not in use within 6 months.

2) Foreigners Exempted from Residence Permit

Yukk. in accordance with the provision m.20,

-Those who have stateless person identification certificate

-Diplomacy and consular officers in Turkey and the families of these officers reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

-Those who work in the representations of international organizations in Turkey and their status is determined by agreements

-Those exempted from residence permits by treaties to which the Republic of Turkey is a party

-Blue Card Patrons

-Those who come with a visa/visa exemption for up to 90 days will be

They are exempt from residence permits.

Yukk. in accordance with provision m.27,

-YÇHİk numbered 4817 with valid work permit. The ‘Work Permit Exemption Confirmation Certificate’ issued in accordance with Article 10 is considered a residence permit.

In summary, foreigners with work permits are also exempt from residence permits.

3) Is residence permit application made from abroad?

Yukk. In accordance with the provision m.21, the application for residence permit is made to consulates in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or is legally located. The requirement required to apply for a residence permit is to have a passport or passport replacement document for 60 days longer than the period of residence permit requested.

Consulates, residence permit applications with their opinions to the General Directorate of Migration Administration. After the applications are finalized, it is decided to arrange the residence permit or reject the application. Applications will be finalized within 90 days at the latest.

Yukk. In accordance with the provision m.26/2, foreigners who come to Turkey with residence and work permits from consulates must register with the address registration system no later than 20 working days from the date of entry.

4) Is residence permit application made from Turkey?

The main thing in accordance with our Legal System is that the application for residence permit is made through consulates from abroad and is made domestically.

Yukk. In accordance with the provision m.22, exceptional circumstances in which the application for residence permit can be made to the governorships (provincial directorate of migration administration) are specified.

-Decisions or requests of judicial and administrative authorities

-Where it is not reasonable or possible for the foreigner to leave Turkey

-Long term residence permit

-Student residence permit

-Humanitarian residence permit

-Human trafficking victims on residence permit

-Transitions from family residence permit to short term residence permit

-Applications for children born in Turkey by parents with residence permits in Turkey

-Applications to obtain a residence permit in accordance with the purpose of the new stay due to the termination or change of the reason for granting the valid residence permit

-Residence permit applications of persons who will remain in Turkey after their status of exemption from residence permit expires

-Those who have completed their higher education in Turkey, short-term residence permit

-In the presence of reasons that require the application to be made to the governorships,

Residence permit applications are made from Turkey.

5) What can be done against the rejection of the residence permit application?

Yukk. In accordance with the provision m.25, the refusal, extension or cancellation of the residence permit request shall be communicated to the foreigner or his legal representative/lawyer. The statement states how the foreigner can exercise his or her right to appeal against the decision.

In the first place, the decision is applied to the decision-ing office through a written petition. Then the judicial path can be applied.

6) How to Extend Residence Permit Period?

Yukk. In accordance with the provision m.24, extension applications are made to the governorships (provincial migration administration directorate) after 60 days before the residence permit expires and before the residence permit expires under any circumstances.

With the application for an extension of the residence permit period, the applicant is given a document that is not subject to spending. This document allows foreigners to reside in Turkey until their residency is decided, even if their residency period has expired.

7) How is the deduction calculated on residence permit times?

Except for compulsory public service, education and health reasons, the durations outside Turkey that have lasted a total of 6 months in 1 year or more than 1 year in the last 5 years are considered ‘interruptions in residence’.

Yukk. In accordance with provision m.28, previous permit period is not taken into account when applying for residence permits or switching to another residence permit for those who have been des cut off during the residence period. In calculating uninterrupted residence permit times, half of the student residence permits and all other residence permits are counted.

8) What are residence permit types?

Yukk. m.30 provision states the types of residence permit;

-Short Term Residence Permit

-Family Residence Permit

-Student Residence Permit

-Long Term Residence Permit

-Humanitarian Residence Permit

-Human Trafficking Victim Residence Permit

9) Is it possible to switch between residence permit types?

Yukk. In accordance with the provision m.29, foreigners may request a residence permit in accordance with the purpose of the new stay if the grounds for granting the residence permit expire or a different reason arises. In other other name, transitions between residence permits are possible.

10) What is a Short Term Residence Permit?

Yukk. m.31 provision states the persons to be granted short-term residence permits;

-Futures for scientific research purposes

-For those who have im/4m goods in Turkey

-Commercial connections or businesses

-To participate in in-service training programs

-To those who will come for educational or similar purposes within the framework of agreements or student exchange programs to which the Republic of Turkey is a party

-Tourism purposes to stay

-Those who will be treated for not carrying one of the diseases described as a threat to public health

-Those who must remain in Turkey according to the request or decision of the judicial or administrative authorities

-Family residence permit to short-term residence permit

-Turkish learning course

-To participate in education, research, internships and courses in Turkey through public institutions

-From those who have completed their higher education in Turkey to those who apply within 6 months from the date of graduation

Short-term residence permits are granted.

The ‘Short Term Residence Permit’ is granted for a period of up to 1 year each time.

Those who attend Turkish learning courses can be granted short-term residence permits up to 2 times.

Applicants who complete their higher education in Turkey within 6 months from the date of graduation can be given a period of up to 1 year on a one-time period.

In terms of tourism stayers, in total or at one time, foreigners who have obtained a short-term residence permit for 1 year or more at a time will not be eligible for residence permits and extension applications for tourism purposes as of 01.01.2020 if there is no reason to stay a new residence permit by offering justifications other than tourism. (Immigration Administration Decision)

11) What is a Family Residence Permit?

Yukk. pursuant to provision m.34, foreigners and refugees who have one of the residence permites of Turkish citizens and refugees and holders of secondary protection status;

-foreign wife

-to the non-adult foreign child of himself or his wife

-to the dependent foreign child of himself or his wife

A family residence permit may be granted for no more than 2 years at a time. However, the family residence permit period does not in any way extend the supporter’s residence permit period.

One of the considerations is; In the case of marriage with more than one spouse according to the law of the country in which he is a citizen, only one of the spouses can benefit from a family residence permit. However, children from other spouses may also be granted a family residence permit.

For the family residence permit for the children, the consent of the parents with joint custody is sought if they are outside Turkey. Children who are granted a family residence permit have the right to study in primary and secondary institutions until the age of 18 without obtaining a student residence permit.

In the event of a divorce, a foreigner married to a Turkish citizen may be granted a short-term residence permit with a family residence permit for at least 3 years. However, if it is fixed by the relevant court order that the foreign wife is a victim of ‘domestic violence grounds’, the ‘3-year period’ requirement is not sought.

12) What is student residence permit?

Yukk. m.38. According to this; The ‘student residence permit’ is granted and extended for 1 year to foreigners who will study for an undergraduate, undergraduate, master’s or doctorate degree at a higher education institution in Turkey.

If the study period is less than 1 year, the student residence permit will not be more than the duration of the study. The student residence permit does not give the student’s parents and other relatives a right to obtain a residence permit.

13) What is a Long Term Residence Permit, Who Is Granted It?

Those who have stayed in Turkey with a permanent residence permit for 8 years or foreigners who meet the requirements set by the Migration Policy Board are granted indefinite residence permits with the approval of the Ministry of Interior.

Yukk. the terms of the long-term residence permit in accordance with m.43;

-to have stayed in Turkey with a residence permit for at least 8 years without interruption

-not receiving weed in the last 3 years

-to have enough and regular sources of income to provide for him or his family, if any

-to have valid health insurance

-do not pose a threat to public order or public safety.

Yukk. Except for the provision m.43, due to the conditions set by the Migration Policy Board, the granting of a long-term residence permit is not sought for foreigners who are seen as eligible, except not to pose a threat to public order or public safety.

‘Long Term Residence Permit Holders’ YUKK. M.44 provision, the obligation to serve, the right to choose and be elected, the right to enter public duties, import vehicles as an exemption and special laws, except for the regulations granted to Turkish citizens benefit from the rights.

Refugees, conditional refugees, holders of secondary protection status, humanitarian residents and those granted temporary protection are not granted the right to a ‘long-term residence permit’.