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Работа в Турции для Иностранца

1) Who covers the Law on Work Permits of Foreigners No. 4817?

-Dependent foreigners in Turkey

-Foreigners working independently in Turkey

-Foreigners studying professionally alongside an employer in Turkey

-Real and legal persons running foreigners in Turkey

This is covered by the law.

Dependent employee foreigner; the real/legal entity is a foreigner who works for wages, monthly, commissions and so on at the disposal of one/more employers.

Independent working foreigner; whether or not he employs other persons is a foreigner working on his behalf and account.

2) Is The Application for Work Permit Made From Abroad?

The application for a work permit can be made from abroad, but it has been made electronically.

Foreigners apply to the representations of the Republic of Turkey in the country of nationality or permanent residence. Within 10 working days following the foreigner’s application date, the employer’s electronic application must be made and the documents requested for the application must be submitted to the Ministry.

3) Is the Application for Work Permit Made Domestically?

Only foreigners or their employers/lawyers who have a residence permit for at least 6 months and have not expired can apply directly to the Ministry.

The documents requested for the application must be submitted to the Ministry within 6 working days following the electronic application.

4) What are the types of Work Permit?

There are 4 types of work permits within the scope of YÇHİk;

-Term Work Permit

-Indefinite Work Permit

-Independent Work Permit

-Exceptional Work Permit

5) What is a Term Work Permit, How to Get It?

YÇÇ. 4817. M.5 is explained by the provision, according to which the ‘permanent work permit’ is granted according to the duration of the residence permit of the foreigner and the duration of the service agreement or work, valid for a period of 1 year to work in a particular workplace or business and in a particular profession.

After a 1-year stats work period, the period of work permit to work in the same workplace or business and in the same profession can be extended for another 2 years.

After 3 years of statin statin statin statin statin statin stats, the period of work permit can be extended for another 3 years in the same profession and to work alongside the employer of his/her will.

6) What is an indefinite work permit, how to get it?

YÇÇ. 4817. In accordance with the provision m.6, ‘Indefinite Work Permit’ may be granted to foreigners who have been in Turkey legally and uninterrupted for at least 8 years or who have a total of 6 years of legal work, regardless of the situation in the job market and developments in working life and without limiting them to a specific business, profession, property or geographic area.

7) What is independent work permit?

‘Independent Work Permit’ is a type of work permit that can be given by the Ministry to foreigners who have resided in Turkey for at least 5 years legally and continuously.

8) What is exceptional work permit, who can benefit?

Unless otherwise stipulated in the bilateral or multilateral contracts to which Turkey is a party, work permits may be granted without being subject to the prescribed period in the cases specified between YÇİhK m.8 no. 4817 and the provisions m.44-53 of the Regulation. In these things;

-Those who are married to Turkish citizens; foreigners living in a marital union in Turkey with his wife.

-Foreigners whose marriage to Turkish citizens ended after 3 years and settled in Turkey

-Those who lost their Turkish citizenship through selection; mülga TVK number 403. m.19,27 and 28.

Those who completed their education in Turkey

Those within the scope of the Settlement Law; foreigners with the status of ‘migrants, refugees or nomads’ are meant.

Citizens of european union member states and their spouses and children; spouses and children can benefit even if they are not citizens of the European Union member state.

-Spouses and children of embassies, consulates and international organizations assigned to their representations in Turkey

Short-term arrivals for scientific, cultural and sporting purposes; foreigners who will come to Turkey temporarily for scientific and cultural purposes for a period exceeding 1 month and more than 4 months for sporting purposes.

Foreigners as key personnel; By contract or tender procedures by the ministries authorized by law and by public institutions and institutions; In the work of the purchase of goods and services, the construction of a business or the operation of a facility, foreigners are also the key personnel to be worked in construction and construction works of all kinds.

Foreign and stateless persons applying for international protection and granted conditional refugee status by the Ministry of Interior

9) How to Extend The Work Permit Period?

Work permits are granted and extended at the written request of foreigners or their employers. Applications made in accordance with the procedure will be finalized by the Ministry within 30 days at the latest, provided that the documents are complete and complete.

10) What are the options to be exempted from work permit?

It is regulated by the provision of m.55 of the regulation;

-Those exempted from work permits under bilateral or multilateral contracts to which Turkey is a party

-Foreigners who have permanent residences abroad and will come to Turkey temporarily for less than 1 month for scientific, cultural and artistic activities and less than 4 months for sporting activities

-For the purpose of assembling, maintenance and repairing machinery and equipment imported into Turkey, training on its use or taking delivery of the equipment or repairing vehicles that have failed in Turkey; Not more than 3 months from the date of entry to Turkey and those who come to Turkey on the condition that they prove this with the documents they will present

-Those who are in Turkey for the purpose of training on the use of goods and services exported from Turkey or imported to Turkey should not be more than 3 months from the date of entry to Turkey and to prove this situation with the documents to be presented

-Those who are in Turkey as exhibits and similar officials in fairs and circuses that will operate outside the borders of documented tourism enterprises should not be more than 6 months from the date of entry to Turkey and prove this situation with the documents they will present

-Foreigners who come to universities and public institutions and institutions to increase their knowledge and manners, not to over 2 years and limited to the duration of education

-Socio-cultural and technological fields and education issues in a period of not exceeding 6 months can provide important services and contributions to Turkey reported by the relevant authorities

-Within the scope of the programmes carried out by the European Union Centre for Education and Youth Programmes, future foreigners will be

-Tour operator representative who came to Turkey with no more than 8 months of tenure

-During the contracts of foreign footballers and other sprocu and coaches who are eligible for their demands by the Turkish Football Federation or the General Directorate of Youth and Sports

– Foreign seamen registered with the Turkish International Ship Registry who have received a ‘Certificate of Conformity Approval’ and who work on ships working outside the cabotage line,

-Turkey is one of the foreign experts assigned to the projects carried out within the scope of the European Union Financial Cooperation Programmes

They do not need to obtain work permits for the duration of their tasks. Exemption period cannot be extended. Within 30 days of their entry date and in any case, they must notify the law enforcement authorities and get a residence permit.

11) Under what circumstances is the Work Permit Request Rejected?

Oh, my God, i’m so sorry. in accordance with provision m.14,

Request for an extension of a work permit or work permit;

– Developments in the job market and working life and changes in sectoral and economic conjunctivitis related to employment are not conducive to work permits,

– The presence of the person with the same quality to do the job within the country within the 4-week period for the applied job,

– Negative feedback from the Ministry of Interior,

– The work of the foreigner is rejected in cases where it is a threat to national security, public order, general public order, public interest, general morals and general health.

12) Is there a judicial way against the rejection of work permit requests?

Decisions to grant or grant work permits granted by the Ministry may be challenged within 30 days from the date of notification by the relevant/legal representative. In the event of a rejection of the appeal, the administrative judicial path may be applied.

When rejecting the request for a work permit, the Council of State considers the issue of the amount of need to be met by turkish citizens, as well as the inscrutation of other concrete information and documents that can be based on residence permits or non-work permits, and the cancellation of the rejection process.

13) Is there a criminal sanction for not being allowed to work?

YÇHİk is regulated by the provision of m.21;

– An independent employee who does not fulfill his/her notification obligation within the period is fined 250 Turkish Liras for each foreigner.

– A dependent foreigner is fined 500 Turkish Liras without a work permit.

– Employers or employers who employ foreigners who do not have a work permit are fined 5000 Turkish Liras for each foreigner. In this case, the employer or employer’s representative must cover the accommodation expenses of the foreigner and their spouse and children, the costs required for their return to their country and the health expenses if necessary.

-In the case of a repeat of the verbs counted in the first, second and third paragraphs, the industrial fines are applied by increasing them one fold.

-The foreigner who works independently without a work permit granted according to this Law is fined 2000 Turkish Liras and the situation is reported to the relevant governor’s office for the implementation of this decision by taking the decision to close the workplaces or businesses, if any, by the regional directors of the Ministry.

-In the case of re-establishments, if any, in addition to closing the workplace or businesses, the industrial fine is applied by increasing one fold.