Maritime Trade and Transport Law

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Zirve Legal Law Office provides legal consultancy and attorneyship services for the matters listed below;

+Preparation of contracts in the field of maritime trade and transportation law and management of legal proceedings related to disputes arising from these contracts (Freight, Charter contracts)

+Litigation/ legal proceedings arising from cracking, rescue and assistance

+Be Disqualified from Campaign-Decisions to Be Taken / Decisions On Objections Against

+Legal Pledge / Imprisonment Facility

+Arrangement / revision / follow up of shipbuilding and sales contracts

+Ship Registration, Registration, Abandonment Procedures

+ Settlement of Disputes Arising from The Joint Venture

+Mortgage transactions specific to maritime trade and transport law

+Right to draw flag, binding port, settlement of disputes arising from ship registries

+Rights, responsibilities, receivables and indemnities of Shipmen

+Charter party/time charter / Lay time/ Demurrage / Stevedore / disputes arising from fuel receivables

+Disputes arising from the nature of the vessel (nationality, grosyton, class, etc.)