Private International Law

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Regulation of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in Compliance with the United Nations Charter (CISG) Provisions
Management of Legal Processes Regarding Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Decisions
Management of Legal Processes Regarding International Arbitration Agreements
Legal Consultancy Regarding Marriage, Engagement, Divorce, Separation, Custody, Alimony, Paternity Case, Adoption Under International Family Law
Legal Consultancy Regarding Testaments, Inheritance Contracts, Law Applicable to Inheritance, Authority Agreement Under International Inheritance Law
Legal Consultancy Regarding Commercial Disputes Involving A Foreign Element
Legal Consultancy on Responsibilities of Joint Stock Company Members of the Board of Directors and International Authority in Related Lawsuits
Preparation of Contracts Regarding the International Transport of Goods
Legal Consultancy on Violation of Personality Rights by International Mass Media
Legal Consultancy in International Investments and Legal Processes

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