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At Zirve Legal Law Office (“Zirve Legal”), ensuring your privacy and security is our top priority when you visit our website.

Within this framework, you can access information about Zirve Legal’s services and complete your visit without sharing any personal data with us.

During your visits, we use very limited types of cookies to ensure that your website experience meets your needs. During your visit, information such as your internet browser’s language, your local time zone, the time spent on our pages, and search engine optimization data, among others, are collected. It is not possible to identify your identity through this information. Therefore, we assure you that your personal data will not be processed unless you contact us.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a simple text file sent to your computer by the server of our website when you visit an internet site. Cookies are commonly used to provide you with a better and faster browsing experience.


Why Do We Use Which Types of Cookies?

First of all, it should be noted that there are two types of cookies based on their validity periods: Persistent Cookies and Temporary Cookies. Both types of cookies can be used on our website within the framework of the purposes listed below:

Persistent Cookies: Cookies that remain on your computer/mobile device even after you close the browser or application. They remain until deleted or their duration expires. Their purpose is to remember your preferences related to the functioning of the website for the expected continuation of your website visit.


Temporary Cookies: Cookies created during your visit and deleted after your visit ends, also known as “session” cookies.

Furthermore, cookies can be classified according to their functions and purposes. In this context, cookies can be classified as follows:

Mandatory or functional cookies used to enable the internet site to function as intended and ensure security.

Functionality cookies that enable the website to remember user preferences (e.g., language of your internet browser or mobile application) to ensure that your website experience proceeds as expected.

Performance and analysis cookies consisting of information related to website usage, analyzed for the improvement of internet sites, error detection, and monitoring whether the website operates correctly. These cookies include information such as how much time you spent on a page, which sub-links you clicked on, whether you received any error messages on a page, etc.

Marketing cookies used to enable targeted advertising to be delivered to you after your visit to the website, allowing the company managing the website to show personalized ads, and to measure and analyze the effectiveness of ads, such as how frequently they were viewed, clicked on, and whether they were effective.

As seen, cookies do not generally collect your personal data. However, some cookies may provide information that could identify you when matched with other information you may provide during your website visit. Such cookies will also be subject to the privacy and cookie policy of the relevant website. This is entirely subject to the cookie policy of the relevant website.


At Zirve Legal, cookies are only used on pages with forms to ensure form security. Form cookies do not contain any information about your visit; they only generate a token (key) to ensure the security of the form, but are automatically deleted when the browser tab is closed. These cookies are called “transient cookies” or “temporary cookies.” They are not stored on the visitor’s device; they are mainly kept in active memory. They are deleted when the session is closed or after a certain period of inactivity. These cookies are essential for the website to function properly and for the visitor’s website experience.


In addition to the temporary session cookies mentioned above, there are also permanent cookies (persistent cookies) created by tools we use for measurement and analysis, although we do not create them directly. These cookies are used to identify multiple independent sessions. In this context, measurement and analysis tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, LinkedIn, and Add This, which is added only for sharing on article pages, are used. We recommend reviewing the privacy and cookie policies of these tools. These tools obtain information such as your internet browser’s language, your local time zone, the time spent on our pages, and search engine optimization data, and information about visits to our website through the tools we use is shared with us in an anonymous and cumulative manner (such as the number of visitors from which country). The tools we use do not share personal data they process with us. The use of cookies through these measurement tools is subject to your approval. If you do not give your consent, your visit will continue to work smoothly without any problems. If you do not give your consent, we cannot obtain analytical information about your visit.


In addition to cookies designed by Zirve Legal, cookies may also be used as part of services obtained from third parties. However, we assure you that cookies used by third parties can only be used for the purposes mentioned above. Your personal data will not be collected through cookies used by third parties.


How Are Cookies Collected?

Cookies are collected through your devices when you access our website and application. The information collected is specific to your devices. When you visit our website from another device, cookies collected during your previous visit cannot be used.


How Can You Change Your Cookie Preferences?

You can control cookies as you wish, prevent them from being collected or stored, or delete them if they have already been collected. Most internet browsers and mobile devices allow this. How to do this may vary for each browser and mobile device. You can access the necessary information and instructions from the settings section of your browser and mobile device.

If you choose to delete cookies, persistent cookies will be deleted. If you choose to completely block cookies, this may also prevent functional cookies from operating. Therefore, our website may not work correctly and efficiently.