Russian Federation Services

Overview of the Russian Federation

Capital: Moscow

Population: 145,350,000

Area: 17,234,135 square kilometers

Economy: Russia is recognized as a significant player in the world economy, primarily due to its economy relying on energy resources, particularly oil and natural gas. It also operates in sectors such as mining, metallurgy, automotive, defense industry, and agriculture. Russia’s economy is a significant trading partner in international markets.

History: Russia has a rich and lengthy history, spanning from the era of Imperial Russia to the Soviet Union and the subsequent Russian Federation, marked by a series of historical and political changes.

Culture: Russian culture has made substantial contributions to world literature, music, art, and science. Renowned figures such as writers Tolstoy and Dostoyevski, composer Tchaikovsky, painter Kandinsky, and scientist Pavlov are prominent representatives of Russian culture.

Religion: Orthodox Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in Russia, with the Russian Orthodox Church being the country’s largest religious institution. Additionally, there are communities of Islam, Catholicism, and other religions in Russia.

Education: Russia boasts several universities that offer quality higher education. Institutions like Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University provide educational opportunities for international students as well.

Tourism: Russia is a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. It has tourist attractions such as Moscow’s Red Square, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, and the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Russia’s vast and diverse landscape makes it an intriguing country of historical and cultural richness, offering a unique experience.

As Zirve Legal Law Firm, we provide a wide range of legal services in the Russian Federation. The core services offered by Zirve Legal in the Russian Federation include:

Company Formations: We offer guidance to domestic and foreign investors looking to establish businesses in Russia. We provide assistance with legal requirements, documentations, and permits during the incorporation process.

Residence Permits: We assist foreign nationals who wish to live or work in Russia with obtaining residence permits.

Foreign Capital Investments: We provide consultancy to foreign investors planning to invest in Russia. We offer information and support regarding legal regulations, permits, taxation, and other investment processes for investment projects.

Legal Services in Russia (Litigation, Execution, Arbitration): Our experienced team handles the resolution of legal disputes, including litigation, execution proceedings, and arbitration processes, among other legal services.

Business Purchase-Sale-Transfer in Russia: We offer consultancy services for business acquisitions, factory investments, or merger transactions. We provide services in business valuation, contract negotiations, and management of legal processes.

International Trade in Russia: We offer services to the business community interested in Import & Export between the Russian Federation and other countries, including contract drafting, payment systems, and legal consultations.

As Zirve Legal Law Firm, our aim is to provide reliable and professional legal support to our clients in their processes of doing business or residing in Russia. We work to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.