Family Law is regulated under the Turkish Civil Code, Articles 118-281 titled “Marriage,” Articles 282-395 titled “Affinity,” and Articles 396-494 titled “Guardianship.” Family law encompasses various issues such as marriage, divorce, child custody, property division, alimony, and more. It includes a range of legal regulations concerning rights, responsibilities, and obligations in family matters.


Key concepts related to Family Law include:


Family: A group of individuals living together in a specific order and connected to each other. Families can form through blood ties, marriage, or legal arrangements.

Marriage: The legal union of two individuals to establish a marital partnership. Marriage is recognized as a legal contract with various legal consequences.

Divorce: The legal process of ending a marriage through a court decision. Divorce signifies the termination of the marital union and the separation of the spouses.

Alimony: Regular financial support that one party may be required to provide to the other after divorce or separation. Alimony can be requested for the purpose of child support or spousal maintenance.

Child Custody: The authority to manage the daily lives and upbringing of children. Child custody determines where children will reside and with whom they will spend their time, typically decided after divorce or separation.

Joint Custody: An arrangement where both parents share custody of the child following divorce. Parents jointly take responsibility for the child’s care and education.

Marriage Contract: A legal agreement between spouses made either before or during marriage, regulating matters such as property, inheritance rights, and other issues.


Separate Property Regime: A legal system governing the distribution of property acquired before or during marriage. Each spouse retains ownership of their assets and income.

Property Regime: The way marital property is shared between spouses during marriage. In Turkey, the commonly applied property regime is the “Regime of Participation in Acquired Property.”

Right to Revert to Maiden Name: A woman’s right to revert to her maiden name or keep her ex-husband’s surname after divorce.

Adoption: The legal process of accepting and raising a child who is not biologically related to the adopting parents.


As Zirve Legal Law Firm, We provide legal services in the field of Family Law, including:

-Preparation and Follow-up of Agreed Divorce Protocols

-Contested Divorce Cases (Based on Severe Incompatibility, Adultery, Fundamental Disruption of Marital Unity)

-Property Division Cases in Divorce

-Material & Moral Compensation Cases in Divorce

-Alimony Cases (Precautionary, Participation, Destitution, etc.)

-Custody Cases

-Annulment of Marriage Cases

-Recognition & Enforcement Cases for Divorce Decrees Obtained Abroad.