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What are the ways to gain Turkish citizenship? How can I become a Turkish citizen?” Mainly Turkish Citizenship is won in two main titles. The first is the gain, and the second is later gain, i.e. acquis citizenship.

The original gain of Turkish citizenship; the basis of the genealy dyed and the basis of the birthplace.

Subsequent gain of Turkish Citizenship; In accordance with Turkish Citizenship Law no. 5901:

  • Telsik (Citizenship in General)
  • Exceptional Natural citizenship
  • Natural citizenship by Marriage
  • Natural citizenship through adoption
  • Re-Citizenship

in the form of. Subsequently obtaining Turkish Citizenship through the above mentioned means is called ‘Turkish Citizenship by The Decision of the Competent Authority’.

1. Citizenship in General (Telsik)

TVK number 5901. in accordance with the provision m.11;

a) To have access and the power to distinguish according to its national law and turkish law if it is stateless, b) to reside in Turkey for 5 years without interruption from the application date, (it can be found outside Turkey for a total of no more than 6 months within the 5-year residency period sought for the application, 6 months will be considered a deduction.) c) to confirm with its behavior that it has decided to settle in Turkey, (obtaining imm/ to invest, to work in a work place subject to a work permit, or to marry a Turkish citizen, to apply as a family or to complete his/her education in Turkey; are the carines that prove their intention to settle.) ç) Not having a disease that poses a danger to general health, d) having good morals, e) being able to speak enough Turkish, f) having the income or profession to provide for him and his dependents in Turkey, g) not being an obstacle in terms of national security and public order, the conditions are sought.

2.Exceptional Citizenship (Exceptional Telsik)

TVK number 5901. in accordance with the provision m.12;

(1) The following foreigners can gain Turkish citizenship by the decision of the President, provided that there is no obstacle in terms of national security and public order. a) People who bring industrial facilities to Turkey or who are considered to have passing or passing outstanding services in scientific, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural and artistic fields and who have been offered reasoned by the relevant ministries. (The Council of Ministers uses discretion to determine the outstanding nature of the service.) b) Foreigners who obtain residence permits in accordance with paragraph (j) of Article 31 of the International Protection Act no. 6458 and foreigners with Turquoise Cards and their foreign spouse, the non-adult or dependent foreign child of himself and his wife. c) People who are considered natural lyce it. (People who are politically, administratively or for any reason are required. The Ministry of Interior and the Council of Ministers are authorized to determine the state of necessity in the implementation of this paragraph.) d) People who are considered immigrants. (2) Requests of those who are in a state of obstacle in terms of national security and public order are rejected by the Ministry.

3.Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

TVK number 5901. in accordance with the provision m.16;

(1) Marrying a Turkish citizen does not directly gain Turkish citizenship. However, foreigners who have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and whose marriage continues can apply to gain Turkish citizenship. Applicants; a) To live in a family unit, b) not to do anything incompatible with the marriage union, c) to have no obstacles in terms of national security and public order, the conditions are sought. (2) If the marriage ends due to the death of a Turkish citizen wife after application, the condition in paragraph (a) of the first paragraph is not sought. (3) Foreigners who have won Turkish citizenship by marriage will retain their Turkish citizenship if they have good will in marriage if it is decided to marry.

Exceptions; * In order for marriage to have a natural ation effect, first of all, the existence of a legally valid marriage is necessary. In order to have a valid marriage in accordance with the Turkish Civil Code, it is required to have a marriage license and that there should be no marriage obstacles (fasting, mental harvesting, current marriage, etc.).

* The marriage license (the power to distinguish, the age of marriage..) and the financial conditions apply to the Turkish Citizen who will marry the foreigner; the driver’s license and conditions of marriage of the foreign wife will be determined according to their national law.

* The conditions for the validity of the form of marriage specified in the Turkish Civil Code shall be applied if the marriage was made in Turkey. If marriage is done in a foreign country, it is enough to comply with the rules of shape of that country. (MÖHUK m.13)

* TVK. m.16/2; The case of the death of the turkish citizen wife has been arranged. ‘After the application, the ‘condition of living in a family unit’ will not be sought if the marriage ends due to the death of the Turkish citizen wife.

* TVK. m.16/3; In superstied marriages, if the foreign spouse is well-intentioned and does not know that marriage is supersted, the decision of the button will not affect the Turkish citizenship acquired by marriage. The Ministry has been given the authority to determine good will.

4.Gaining Citizenship through Adoption

TVK number 5901. in accordance with provision m.17;

(1) A non-adult adopted by a Turkish citizen may gain Turkish citizenship from the date of the decision, provided that there is no obstacle to national security and public order.

* According to MÖHUK m.18, ‘About the adoption license and conditions, the national law of each party at the time of adoption is applied.’ For example, if he is an adopted Tunisian citizen, the requirement not to be adult will be determined according to Tunisian law.

* In accordance with the provisions of the TMK, the terms of material and form must be observed in the adoption establishment.