Tourism Law is regulated in Turkey through various laws and regulations. The Legislation mentioned below encompasses a series of legal regulations covering different aspects of the Tourism Sector.

Some important laws and regulations within Tourism Legislation include:


Bosphorus Law: Contains provisions related to the protection, use, and control of the Istanbul Bosphorus.

Environmental Law: Regulates environmental protection, assessment of environmental impacts, and environmentally-friendly tourism activities.

Forest Law: Contains rules concerning the conservation and utilization of forests, including regulations for forest-based tourism activities.

Hunting Law: Regulates rules related to land hunting and encompasses activities related to hunting tourism.

Coastal Law: Includes provisions for the protection and use of coastal areas, particularly significant for coastal tourism.

Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Law: Regulates the preservation and use of cultural and natural assets, affecting historical and touristic regions.

Law on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism: Governs the organization and responsibilities of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Law on the Promotion of Cultural Investments and Initiatives: Encourages investments in the cultural sector.

National Parks Law: Encompasses provisions regarding the management and protection of national parks.

Travel Agencies and Association of Turkish Travel Agencies Law: Regulates the activities and oversight of travel agencies.

Tourism Incentive Law: Provides various incentives and advantages to promote the tourism sector in Turkey.

Maritime Tourism Regulation: Regulates maritime tourism activities.

Regulation on Sports Activities for Tourism Purposes: Contains rules related to sports tourism.

Thermal Tourism: Regulates thermal tourism activities.

-Spa Regulations

-Regulations on the Use and Operation of Thermal Waters in Tourism Areas and Centers

-These are the fundamental written sources that regulate Thermal Tourism.

-Regulation on the Certification and Qualifications of Tourism Facilities: Contains rules for the classification and certification of tourism facilities.

International Hotel Regulations: Regulates rules related to accommodation in hotels, including:


-Guest Rights

-Guest Obligations

-Advance Reservations

-Reservation Terms and Validity Period

-Boarding House Practices

-Termination of the Contract

-Responsibility for the Guest’s Belongings

-Payment of Bills

-Retaining Goods as Security in Case of Non-Payment

-Tips and Service Charges

-Lost Property in the Hotel

-Guest’s Death

Consumer Rights in Tourism: Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection governs consumer rights in tourism.

Tourism law is a broad legal field encompassing the management and regulations of the tourism sector in Turkey. It is important for tourism operators, travel agencies, and other stakeholders in the tourism industry to follow this legislation and seek legal counsel.


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